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Servicing for Domestic Coffee Machines

Here at VCM Vending Coffee Machines, we pride ourselves in providing a high standard of service on every job that we perform. Our knowledge and passion for what we do is what sets us apart from the rest.

What we offer….
  • We will respond to your enquiries within 24 hours
  • We guarantee all service work we undertake
  • General Service to most makes and models of coffee machines.
  • Coffee machines go through stringent cycle testing
  • Our pricing is based on value for money.
  • You will be treated with honesty and professionalism at all times. Our aim is to provide you with the finest coffee machine service available in Western Australia.
What a General Service Includes….
  • Dismantling and inspecting the coffee machine and its components
  • Replacement of fast wearing components in the brewing system, valves and taps.
  • Inspection of boiler/s to ascertain the integrity.
  • Inspection and adjustment of water pump pressure and flow.
  • Servicing and inspection of the coffee grinding unit
  • Electrical safety testing of your coffee machine.
  • Adjusting the coffee machine parameters to produce an excellent cup of coffee.
We currently have a turnaround time of 5 – 7 working days for domestic coffee machines. Some machines take longer due to high demand and technical complexity. Uncommon parts that are not in stock, and have to come from manufacturer, will add to the time of the repairs. Each Machine takes approximately 10 – 12 hours to test and service in our workshop in addition to any repair work that may be needed.

VCM Vending Coffee Machines survives on our reputation that has been achieved through hard work, honesty and integrity. Our aim is ensure that we get it right the first time! So that we look after our customers, to provide what we hope is the finest service available.