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Essse Giugiaro S.12

Created by GIUGIORO DESIGN, the S.12 machine light and modern shape, and its small size means it can be placed anywhere. This technology meets all the essential guidelines to improve coffee extraction. It is user friendly so that anyone in any time can prepare an excellent Italian Espresso.

sgl – Rotary

The new machine by sgl works with paper pods or capsules and boasts an innovative system for automatic release. Thanks to a motorised revolving support, used pods or capsules are immediately discharged at the end of the drink delivery.

sgl – Easycup

Some people want a ristetto, others prefer a Cafe Latte, and then there are those who enjoy a mocaccino...

How can you satisfy all these desires with just one compact solution? Easy, you need EASY. EASY by name, easy by nature! Six drink options offering a wide range of choice: espresso, long espresso...

N & W NECTA Koro

The N&W Koro Espresso Coffee Machine is a single push button fresh bean to cup professional coffee machine, with options for fresh or freeze dried milk, hot chocolate and chai. It is available in a number of configurations and is ideal for small to medium sized offices, meeting rooms, small cafes and restaurants.

N & W NECTA Korinto

The N&W Necta Korinto Fresh Coffee Machine is a medium capacity commercial coffee machine and hot beverage dispenser. Available in fresh bean to cup with fresh milk, hot chocolate and chai the N&W Necta Korinto Espresso Coffee Machine can be placed in a wide range of small/medium sized locations such as offices, hotels, canteens, schools, clubs and pubs.

La Musica

Dedicated to those who want to enjoy an espresso that tastes like it comes from a café` at home, in the office, in small communities and in B & B's Musica's professional features mean it can give anyone the opportunity to feel what it's like to be a good “barista” when making excellent espressos and creamy cappuccinos.


Oscar. Think of the world's top film award. This espresso coffee machine is a real “performance”. Press the key and…camera, action: a perfect cup of coffee. Everything about this machine is special, starting with the professional filter holder. That means all the other parts are professional too. Oscar: the leading actor in your coffee shop or in your home.

Gaggia Accademia

Coffee on demand has never been easier. With the Gaggia Accademia, seven dedicated drink buttons for espresso, caffe, caffe lungo, cappuccino, latte macchiato, and hot water mean that great tasting beverages are just moments away. The machine can also memorize your preferences for truly customized drinks.

Saeco Royal Cappuccino

Royal Cappuccino is a user-friendly, versatile fully automatic coffee machine with built-in coffee-grinder for convenient handling and maintenance.

NuovaSimonelli – Grinta

The NuovaSimonelliGrinta is a semi-commercial doserlessgrinder that dispenses ground coffee directly into an espresso portafilter to capture all the aroma and flavour of your gourmet coffee beans.

Saeco Royal One Touch

The new Saeco Royal One Touch is the rejuvenation of a trusted classic. What remains unchanged is the extremely solid performance and the generous tanks for beans, water and coffee grounds.

Junior Elite
  • Copper inner boiler continuos heat circulation
  • Professional heat-balancing units
  • 1 Anti-burning steam wand