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N & W NECTA Korinto Prime

Compact, easy to use and extraordinarily versatile, the Korinto Prime has it all. A result of more than forty years of experience at Necta, the Korinto Prime is a super-automatic hot drinks machine made to the highest quality, that allows it to support even the busiest locations.

N & W NECTA Koro Prime

Attention to detail, exquisite design, perfect lighting and unrivaled performance make Koro Prime the focus for the ideal coffee break.

N & W NECTA Kalea

The origins of N&W’s success within the Ho.Re.Ca. marketplace date back to the late 60s, when Zanussi Grandi Impianti (later acquired by the Swedish Group Electrolux) launched a range of automatic machines and coffee dispensers that immediately won acclaim, thanks to their performance excellence and design innovation.

N & W NECTA Colibri Espresso

Colibrì is the ideal solution for medium/small hotels and workplaces and completes the Necta portfolio of breakfast solutions. The Colibrì is flexible and offers a choice of layouts, allowing the drinks menu to be configured to suit a wide range of requirements.

N & W NECTA Karisma

The N&W Necta Karisma Espresso Fresh Milk Coffee Machine is a large capacity commercial coffee machine and hot beverage dispenser. Available in fresh bean to cup, instant and fresh brew coffee versions with fresh milk, hot chocolate and chai and decaf coffee the N&W Necta Karisma Coffee Machine can be placed in a wide range of medium/large sized locations such as large offices, hotels, canteens, schools, clubs and pubs.

N & W Necta - KREA

N&W Global Vending is a world leader in the production of automatic snack and beverage vending machines and is a major international player in both the HoReCa (hotel, restaurant and café) and the Office Coffee Services sectors.

Cimbali S39

The S39 Barsystem is a super automatic new-generation machine that is exceptionally easy and versatile to use, for an in-the-cup quality in line with the Cimbali tradition.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

The VCM RO under-counter reverse osmosis water filtration system is amongst the most effective water filtration systems available on the market today.